Building Better Data

When I started at iPerceptions five years ago (an eternity in “internet time”), many of the conversations with both prospects and clients revolved around education. Few people knew what Voice of Customer (VoC) was, and fewer still were using it.

Clients were ecstatic to review the data that we presented, as it gave them a novel and deeper understanding of their online traffic.

Change is the only constant when dealing with the internet, and the VoC space is no exception. After a few short years, the questions our clients were asking us had changed. “Tell me about my customers” evolved into the much more interesting, yet more complicated to answer: “Nice charts; so what?” Continue reading


Designing The Ultimate Business Intelligence Tool

A short time ago I was contacted regarding a blog by Jaime Brugueras, discussing what he feels is lacking in the current crop of Business Intelligence (BI) tools. I was asked to provide my feedback via blog post and hopefully start up a discussion.

Everything which Brugueras describes in his blog would comprise the ultimate BI tool. He clearly highlights key pain points felt by all levels of user and creates the framework by which these could be addressed. In spite of his observations, I feel that the nature of the market and current BI tool landscape prevents these recommendations from being realized.

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Redefining Business Intelligence

For many years, eCommerce took a mass market, broad strokes approach. Marketers would throw idea after idea against the wall, just to see what would stick. Black hat SEO teams would abuse meta tags, keyword stuff by using white text on a white background, and generally try to game the search engines that were bringing them traffic. More “uniques” contributed to your eEgo, and all levels of the organization focused obsessively on traffic numbers.

In short, internet marketing was taking a telemarketing approach. Conversion percentages were low, but if you called (or served) enough people, eventually you would make a sale. With the ever expanding internet frontier, combined with relatively few businesses selling in the online space, this dragnet or mass-market approach seemed like the best way to go.
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