Big Apple Bound

Just 36 hours until I board a too-early flight and jet off for the big apple. I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not particularly well-travelled, and having never visited New York, I’m quite looking forward to the experience.

GAUGE 2011The reason for my visit is twofold – GAUGE, and eMetrics. GUAGE is a Google Analytics conference, featuring keynotes, Q&A sessions with members of the Google team, training sessions and access to an all-day Helpdesk. It runs from around 9am on Monday through to 5pm on Tuesday, giving me just enough time to set up for eMetrics. I’ll not have the chance to attend much of the conference, as I’ll be the only iPerceptions rep there and I’ll need to be staffing the 4Q Suite booth. Hopefully the recent win at GACP will bring lots of people over to speak with me.

For eMetrics I will be joined by 4 other members of the iPerceptions team; Claude, Duff, Lane and Brian. Brian and I will be manning the iPerceptions booth and discussing everything related to 4Q, webVal, WASP (if asked), and anything related to our two special and secret announcements.

Oh yeah, we’ll have announcements. Don’t tell anyone.

Hopefully I’ll be tweeting during the conference (provided there is wifi), so be sure to check twitter (@ChristopherPam and @4Q_ChrisPam) for updates about the shows and to see what our big announcements are.


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