Sounding Like A Broken Record

Training last night, the Thursday before a match, yielded a very poor turnout. I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again –  I don’t understand how people can pay for something and then simply not show up.

The season’s not going well. I get that, I truly do. We’re pretty much at the bottom of the table, and even if we win our remaining two games at the “Prems” level, I don’t think we can avoid finishing in the bottom 2 and facing relegation for next season. However, while the war for the season may mathematically be over, there remain two tests that present us with the opportunity to go out with a bang.

I would like nothing more than to hand a potentially overconfident Montreal Irish team a shocking defeat, hopefully one that screws their chances of finishing top of the table. Follow that up with a win in week 10 against Quebec, and the Prems are (low-end) playoff contenders. And at 4-6, there is the chance that they can finish 4th in the 6-team division and avoid relegation.

Yet practice is poorly attended, with the majority of attending players being “Reserves”. That’s not how we put wins together, boys!

Now, enough bitching… here’s a funny video discussing the NZ vs Can test matches from a while back – presented by Jedi with nothing less than 110% Kiwi flair:


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