My New Pet Peeve

Photo: Swimming Pool LanesEver since the Benny Complex went up and began operation last January, I’ve been taking the opportunity to get in and swim for cardio. When you take Rugby and Hockey into account, its nice to have a lower-impact exercise which I can use to keep active.

That being said, it appears that the activity I chose to help work on my cardio is having a negative impact on my blood pressure.

Every time that I go to the pool, be it during the afternoon on a weekend or after 8pm on a weeknight, I am confronted with people who either have an inflated opinion of their own swimming ability, or simply lack the ability to process the concept of “slow”, “medium” or “fast”.

I’m not saying I’m the best swimmer in the world – au contraire, at some points last winter I was being passed some true professionals. However, it annoys me to no end when people simply can’t take a hint. If you give them more than a half-length head start, and your breaststroke can get you to the end of the pool at the same time as their freestyle, they should really bite the bullet and move to a slower lane.

Same thing with driving a car – if you are doing 10km under the speed limit and you’re driving in the left (passing) lane, take the hint from all those pissed-off people who are passing you on the right… move over.

I don’t work there; its not like I can force them to move over… and even asking nicely, it just seems like I’m being an ass. But, just once, when one of them gives me attitude or insists on swimming down the middle of the lane, I swear I’m going to get a little wild with my arms and smack them good and hard in the head.

See… swimming is good for my cardio but bad for my blood pressure!


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