How Hard Can It Be?

Something I just don’t understand is how people can commit to something, pay for it, than simply not show up. That seems to be the problem with the Wanderers this year – too many people aren’t showing up to training on a regular basis.

In past years, Tuesday training has generally been the “lighter” of the two, because Thursday was  the pregame run-though and the more “important” of the two. However, whether due to injury, vacation or just general apathy, both training sessions have been poorly attended.

True, we’ve not had the best of seasons… the Prems are 2-5 and the Reserves are an even worse 1-6, but this should be an even greater reason to show up at training! We’re getting beaten by teams not because they’re necessarily better than us on a per-person level, but because they’ve had the experience of training together and therefore play better together. Due to teamwork they create a unit that is greater than the sum of their parts, while we don’t have enough people on a regular basis to make doing the math worthwhile.

Beyond that… people have paid their dues! Its not like rugby is free… it cost $325 to play this year! Who pays that kind of money, then simply doesn’t show?

I know its been hard on both the coach and on the team executives, but I don’t know if there is anything I can do to help. Short of showing up, there’s not much I can do, is there?

I would love to have a “you don’t show up, you don’t play” for the Wanderers… but we’d simply not have enough guys to start the games. We’re never going to be serious contenders for the cup if we can’t get dedicated and begin showing up.

And if we get relegated, it will be just that much harder to recruit for next season.


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