I need a new #1

So, Amy Winehouse died over the weekend. I will admit that I’m surprised; surprised that she lasted this long.  I didn’t wish her ill, and I was really rooting for her to get cleaned up. However, I’m not surprised that she’s died.

After all, she wrote a song about refusing to go to rehab.

Sad? Yes… but not unexpected. As a matter of fact, Amy was #1 on my personal celebrity death list. Charlie Sheen is up there, along with pretty much the entire cast of Jackass. Jack Layton just joined my list, after hearing and seeing him announce his “new” cancer diagnosis yesterday. Brittany Spears was on my list before… but she has fallen way down lately as she appears to be cleaned up. Also, Lady Gaga is on there… she’s quite a talent (strike 1),  she apparently doesn’t take good care of herself (strike 2), and she’s pretty much using (or has used) every substance known (strike 3).

So, with Amy gone, I need a new #1. Any suggestions?


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