Team Fortress 2 now FREE!

I’ve been wanting to try Team Fortress 2 for quite a while now, but one of the things stopping me was the whole “gotta buy it” thing. Well, I don’t have an excuse anymore, because TF2 is now free-to-play.

I re-downloaded STEAM (lost the last install when I put Windows 7 on my PC) and downloaded TF2, which took about 2 hours for the 10 gigs. After doing the typical “lost track of time and went to bed at 2:30am”, I gotta say that it was well worth the bandwidth.

So, if you’re looking to try one one of the top-rated games in the past few years (metacritic score of 92/100), I highly recommend TF2. The nice part is… because it came out a few years ago, you don’t need the newest hardware to enjoy it.


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