Socially Acceptable Vice

Mmmmmmm, coffee.

I start pretty much every morning with a cup of coffee, and it tastes great. I’m not shy about it nor ashamed about it. But I’m pretty sure I’m addicted to it.
There have been long weekends where I’ve taken a pass on coffee… missing out on Saturday, Sunday and Monday cups. I find myself getting headaches and being irritable, both signs of caffeine withdrawal. When I tell people this, however, the typical response is mirth and laughter, combined with recommendations to go have some coffee.
But its clear; I’ve developed a physiological dependence on coffee, not to mention a psychological one (mmm, hot, aromatic, yummy, best-part-of-my-morning….er….. I digress).
That being said, if I were to take coffee out of the above paragraphs and replace it with something else, would my addiction be regarded the the same way? If I needed a shot of booze to get out of bed in the morning, would people be as understanding? If I stepped out at work to smoke up, would coworkers be laughing as I came back in making dumb, only-stoners-think-its-funny jokes? If Ihad to visit a strip club every day (for whatever reason), would the girlfriend be understanding and supportive while tolerating my vice?
Whatever, its too early in the morning (and by early, I mean 9:30 am) to have this debate and in-depth self examination. There is work to be done, accounts to service, meetings to attend and reports to be worked on.
Besides, I need a refill.

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